From Bench to Bedside, and Beyond

  1. From Bench to Bedside, and Beyond
  2. Classical view of lipids
  3. New view of lipids
  4. Eicosanoids
  5. Roles of eicosanoids in human
  6. How asprin works ?
  7. Inappropriate usage of aspirin causes severe gastric ulcer
  8. Why are steroids more potent anti-inflammatory drug than aspirin?
  9. What are leukotrienes?
  10. Inflammatory response and chemotaxis
  11. Leukotriene B4 is the most potent chemoattractant
  12. Structure of human leukotrien B4 receptor
  13. Boyden chamber assay
  14. Rat ischemic acute renal faulure (iARF) model
  15. Serum Cr and BUN in rat iARF
  16. Myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity in kidney
  17. BLT antagonist inhibits neutrophil infiltration
  18. BLT antagonist improves renal functions
  19. Discovery of the second LTB4 receptor
  20. Leukotriene receptors
  21. Among many phospholipase A2 (PLA2), why is cPLA2 important?
  22. To see the biological roles of cPLA2 in vivo, we made cPLA2 gene-knockout mice.
  23. Asthmatic symptoms are markedly reduced in cPLA2 knockout mice
  24. ARDS (Adult respiratory distress syndrome)
  25. Chest X-ray of ARDS patient
  26. Change in Lung Elastance of cPLA2 Deficient Mice after LPS/Zymosan-Administration
  27. Lung Tissues after Sepsis-ARDS
  28. cPLA2 is induced in intestinal polyps of Apc KO mice, a model for colon cancer
  29. Colon polyp is much smaller in cPLA2 knockout mice
  30. Much milder symptoms in collagen-induced arthritis
  31. cPLA2-deficient mice showed a marked decrease in allergic responses, etc.
  32. Unexpected observations (1)
  33. Unexpected observations (2)
  34. Lipid mediators as a major target for the next decade research
  35. Two supervisors of my research
  36. Collaborators
  37. University of Tokyo
  38. Famous novelist and MD, Ogai Mori